Test Kit

QWhat is the Test Kit in WATER it?
ATest Kit is a simplified water analysis tool by using color metric method.
QHow can I find Test Kit model if different reagents are mixed?
AThe measurement item is indicated on the tip of the Tube.
QI failure to suck water sample enough. What should I do?
APlease carefully retry the same operation.
(Hold the lower half of the Tube with the hole facing upwards, then push out the Tube by strongly pinching)
QTest Kit does not completely melt into water.
AUnmelted reagent does not affect its measured result.
Test Kit ensures enough reagent requirements with the allowance for chemical reaction.
QI can not pinch out it with my fingers because the Tube is hard.
AYou may feel that the Tube is hard in cold weather or at lower solution temperature.
Water sample and the Tube should be 15 deg. C or above.
QHow does Test Kit turn out when measuring time goes by?
AThe chemical reaction is continuously shifting color with time.
Please follow the measuring time on instructions and measure water sample.
Cannot save the color at the time after the beginning of the chemical reaction.
Please record the value on the Color Chart by hand on paper or take a photo.
QDoes Test Kit have a recommended measuring temperature ?
ASimulated operating temperature is between 15 ℃ and 40℃.
Please follow each instruction in the presence of a designation by temperature.
In case that water sample is high temperature, please pay attention to spout water out. High temperature sample water warms inside water and expand the Tube.
In case that water sample is low temperature, the chemical reaction gets late.
During winter, river water temperature gets lower than other seasons.
Please take water sample to indoor, make it same temperature as the room one.
(If the water sample temperature is extremely low, the chemical reaction does not work.)
QHow long does measuring time of Test Kit take to complete?
AEach Test Kit has specific measuring time. Please follow each instruction.
You find out the measured result within 5 minutes in most of all time.
You must strictly follow the measuring time in case of the Test Kit which is intimately related to temperature such as COD.
You cannot save change in color after the lapse of measuring time.
QPlease tell me the right procedure how to compare the coloring Tube and the Color Chart.
AWhen using color metric method, light source and the distance between Color Chart and Tube may get to be source of error.
You with the Tube close to the Color Chart.
Water sample looks like lightened color if you take the Tube away from the Color Chart.
QI find the variation in measured results.
ATest Kit is designed based on standard substance of objective substances to be measured.
Generally, water samples contains not only objective substances but also coexisting materials.
Coexisting materials may influence measured results. Or shape difference of objective substance in the water sample may influence measured results.
A measurer pretreat water sample as needed.
QPlease let me know the measurement accuracy of Test Kit.
ATest Kit is a water analysis kit to aim at simplified analysis.
The repeatability is targeted as the coefficient of variation is within 20% on the standard substance.
However, it is difficult to digitize the repeatability. Because color metric method is by comparing the tones of color in the Tube and the Color Chart visually.
Test Kit produces differences in water measurements due to visual acuity and light source.
(For instance, you will have difficulty seeing blue color under a fluorescent light)
We created several Color Charts conforming with multiple water solution patterns in development. We recognize the coloring reaction and check the color developing property with above Color Charts in shipment.