SDS(Safety Data Sheet)

We continually provide comprehensive safety and regulatory data on our Safety Data Sheets promoting safe usage and handling of our products. The SDS documents are the latest versions available.

Test kit model Last updated
COD (High Range) WAE-COD(H) 2015-09-01
COD WAE-COD 2015-09-01
COD (Low Range)
WAE-COD(D) 2015-09-01
Phosphoric acid WAE-PO4 2015-09-01
Phosphate phosphorus WAE-PO4 2015-09-01
Phosphoric acid (low concentration) WAE-PO4(D) 2015-09-01
Phosphate phosphorus (low concentration) WAE-PO4(D) 2015-09-01
Ammonium WAE-NH4 2015-07-30
Ammonium nitrogen WAE-NH4 2015-07-30
Nitric acid WAE-NO3 2015-07-30
Nitrate nitrogen WAE-NO3 2015-07-30
Nitrous acid WAE-NO2 2015-07-30
Nitrite nitrogen WAE-NO2 2015-07-30
Chloride (200) WAE-Cl(200) 2015-09-01
Chloride (Low Range) WAE-Cl(D) 2015-09-01
Residual Chlorine (Free) WAE-ClO・DP 2015-07-30
Zinc WAE-Zn 2015-07-30
Zinc (Low Range) WAE-Zn(D) 2015-09-01
Iron WAE-Fe 2015-09-01
Iron (Low Range) WAE-Fe(D) 2015-07-30
Manganese WAE-Mn 2015-09-01
Nickel (DPM) WAE-Ni(D) 2015-09-01
Copper WAE-Cu 2015-09-01
Hexavalent chromium WAE-Cr6+ 2015-09-01
Total Chromium WAE-Cr・T 2015-09-01
Free cyanide WAE-CN 2015-09-01
Fluorine (free) WAE-F 2015-09-01
Metals (Cu, Zn, Mn, Ni, Cd) WAE-Me 2015-09-01
pH WAE-pH 2015-09-01
Total Hardness WAE-TH 2015-09-01
Calcium WAE-Ca 2015-09-01
Calcium Hardness WAE-Ca
Magnesium WAE-Mg 2015-09-01
Magnesium Hardness WAE-Mg
Formaldehyde WAE-FOR 2015-09-01
Phenol WAE-PNL 2015-07-30
Sulfide (Hydrogen Sulfide) WAE-S 2015-09-01