Test Kit

1.First-aid measures

If the contents come into contact with eyes
Immediately wash eyes with water for at least 15 minutes.
Please make sure to consult an ophthalmologist immediately after washing with water even if no pain or abnormality develops.
If the contents come into contact with skin or clothing
Immediately wash the affected area with water
If the contents are ingested
Immediately wash mouth out with water. If the contents are swallowed, drink large quantities of water or milk then immediately consult a physician. If any abnormal symptoms appear after the above measures are taken, immediately consult a physician. For details on the reagent, refer to “Labeling under GHS” on the back of the outer box.


Read included manual, precaution statement, warnings, and SDS with caution before use.
The Test Kit reagent is a strong alkali.
Keep reagents and tubes away from skin and eye contact.
Do not suck reagents in the Tube through the mouth Children must use Test Kit under the mentorship of adults.
Keep Test Kit out of the reach of children


Keep Test Kit in a cool, dry and dark place.
Do not expose to sunshine. The Test Kit becomes depleted in sunlight.
Air transport is recommended. Sea transport is unrecompensed because of high-temperature and humidity.


Dispose of the product appropriately in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. Bottled liquid reagents should be thrown with burnable garbage such as papers.
Refer to corresponding SDS.

Treat following contents in the Test Kit as wastes.
Packaging box (paper)
Laminate film (polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, aluminum)
Tube (polyethylene)
Line (nylon)
Reagent (see above)
Color Chart (paper)
Manual (paper)
Treat following contents as wastes, if included
Dropping bottle (polyethylene/polypropylene)
Small pack (polyethylene)
Bottle (polyethylene)
Poach with fastener (polyethylene)
Dedicated cup (polystyrene), Cap (polyethylene)
Drying agent (paper/silica gel)
Preservation bag (polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, aluminum)

5.Expiration date

Users confirm the expiration date on the packaging box before use.

No longer valid・・・・・・
Test Kit changes in quality such as taking much time to change color or weakening coloring. You must use up Test Kit within the expiration date.
Once opened laminated bag・・・・・・
Use up Test Kit as soon as possible.
Reagents are easily deteriorated on contact with air. Deteriorated one does not work.
Especially sensitive reagents belong to the Poach with fastener.
Store fresh tubes with drying agent to the Poach after breaking the seal.